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Give your business a nudge towards the right direction. CRM software for small businesses is allowing entrepreneurs in forming the right vision about their business and helping them in managing, nurturing, and targeting prospects with more accuracy. It is a complete tool for your business that allows you to capture leads, create and manage campaigns, and send emails from a single platform.

Know your business. Get CRM software.

We are used to in thinking that CRM solutions are for large organizations. While that is true, small businesses can benefit positively from implementing CRM solution into their business. The application however needs to be custom build to be responsive to the needs of a small business. Skyram Technologies being the IT partner of its many clients have ventured into offering CRM software solution that is built to address the niche of small business CRM requirements.

Skyram Technologies is the trusted IT outsourcing partners of its 100+ clients from across the globe and industry verticals. When it comes to offering comprehensive IT solution – custom designed to address niche requirements – Skyram Technologies is a name to reckon. We sure are one of the best in the industry and have a proven track record to support our claim.

With a team of more than hundred developers, designers, and marketers we possess a talent pool that can stand tall before any challenge. We pride ourselves for being timely, prompt, and knowledgeable in delivering our solutions. In addition to offering best-in-class solutions we are also known to be affordable and easy on pocket. We offer hundred percent client focused solution which is why you need to try our service to experience it firsthand.

What is CRM and why your business must need it?

CRM or customer relation management solution is an application that stores and manages customer details for a business. It works as a database cum business application that allows a business to track customer journey over a period.

CRM software for small businesses isn’t a myth. An increasing number of small entrepreneurs are introducing CRM solution to their business to have better clarity and understanding. For small businesses CRM software is particularly helpful in understanding the direction of the business and accordingly addressing the key areas to improve performance. Depending upon your business requirements the application can be simple and straightforward and without fancy modules of applications for large enterprises. We develop CRM solution and custom fit it to meet your needs. Unlike other players in the market, we do not deliver a stripped down version of an enterprise application; but build it from scratch keeping sight of your business goals.

Skyram Technologies CRM software solution – developed with a difference

Our purpose is to help your business grow to its true potential and that is why we build solutions that will give you total control over your customer journey. With our application manage your customers, target them with right offers, manage sales pipeline, and up-sell and cross-sell with valid data. A few striking features of our CRM software for small businesses that will put you right ahead of competition are listed below.

  • Capture leads from all sources, including websites
  • Manage updates, follow ups, and set reminders
  • Get insight – prioritize and nurture your leads
  • Know your customers to nurture long-term relations
  • Send custom mails and newsletters directly from the application. Stunning templates available
  • Create role based tasks and manage data access hierarchy
  • Create, manage and monitor email campaigns from your application
  • Create meetings, appointments, and assign tasks to team members

We create CRM solutions that fit right into your existing system. It is not just a tool but a complete business solution that will help in determining your future course of action. With robust security features, round the clock support, and simple hosted solution Skyram Technology CRM is the best that you can get.


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